How it all started ...

Kiki&co opgericht door Marieke & co, haar gezin!

Kiki&Co was founded in The Netherlands by Marieke van Wel, a proud mother of five children who is also blessed with two healthy grandmothers. These grandmothers were the start of Kiki&Co!  

Both grandmothers each have more than 10 grandchildren who travel or live abroad, making it harder to stay connected. But now, with this photo frame, they are waking up every morning with updates from their loved ones from around the world. They are extremely pleased with their Kiki&Co photo frames! Marieke therefore decided to share this with more parents, grandparents and loved ones along with other people who would like to stay close and stay connected, even when they are separated by distance.

Not only would we like to bring happy moments in Europe but also in Vietnam, where Marieke currently lives with her family. That is why, for every Kiki&Co photo frame that you buy, we will donate EUR 3 (or even EUR 6 if you share your purchase on social media!) to orphans and the solitary elderly in Vietnam who really need it. Sharing even more moments of happiness!

But she is not doing this alone!

These great people help make Kiki&Co a huge success 🙂

Zjeenja in the UK

Zjeenja Kiki&Co UK

I am Zjeenja, a Dutch mum of 4 active kids and have been living in South London for the past 17 years. We love travelling as a family and creating our own beautiful moments.

Living abroad with my husband and kids, I know what it feels like to be away from your family. I am pleased to have joined the Kiki&Co family and to help get more people connected with their loved ones, here in the UK and all over the world.

Anthony in Vietnam

Anthony made al the gorgeous lifestyle pictures of the Kiki&Co frames. Anthony’s a Dutch/ British photographer based in Ho Chi Minh City. 

An international upbringing has fuelled his passion for travel photography and he now also has experience delivering projects for clients in portraits, product and interior design. He is available for more projects. Find out more on