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De websites en beschrijven uitgebreid waarom dit cadeau zo leuk is voor jouw opa en/of oma!

Op schrijft Linda van Aken hoe zij de Kiki&Co fotolijst thuis gebruikt om geluksmomenten de delen!

Natascha, moeder van 6 kinderen en blogger op Comeonletsdothis, schrijft een superenthousiast verhaal over hoe hoe de Kiki&Co fotolijst het perfecte cadeau is voor ‘verre’ familieleden! 

Op staat een uitgebreide koopgids die uitlegt waar je allemaal op moet letten als je een digitale fotokader aanschaft. 

In de rubriek Bedrijf van een Wereldwijf, van De Wereldwijven, vertel ik meer over waarom ik Kiki&Co heb opgezet en wat ik ermee wil bereiken. 

De websites en explain perfectly why this gift is perfect for your grandparents!

Op  Linda van Aken tells you how she uses the Kiki&Co foto frame at home to share moments of happiness!

Natascha, mother of 6 and blogger on  Comeonletsdothis, writes a very enthusiastic story about how the Kiki&Co fotoframe is the perfect gift for family that lives far away

On the website you can find  an extensive buying guide that explains what you should pay attention to when purchasing a digital photo frame.

In the section Bedrijf van een Wereldwijf, on the website De Wereldwijven, I will tell you more about why I set up Kiki&Co and what I want to achieve with it.


Flavourites wrote a lovely blog about how you can enjoy your beautiful holiday snaps  with  Kiki&Co and keep the memory alive. 

They also have a brilliant webshop where you can purchase Kiki&Co frames

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Customer Experiences

Just wanted to let you know that we gifted the frame today and wow 🤩 she was so happy a really great gift!! With WiFi from the neighbor across the street and that worked perfectly, she really liked it and especially in this time to keep in touch with your 90-year-old grandmother! She didn't even have time to wave at us 😂 So thank you very much and we will recommend you everywhere!
We will recommend you everywhere!
– Claudia
What a great device. Turn on, set up WiFi, communicate code to whoever wants to share photos and of you go! Mother-in-law (94) behind window in Corona times, enjoyed to the fullest. Displays photos horizontally, vertically; everything is possible, display will be filled with appropriate background. I'll stop talking about it. In addition, super fast delivery of super digital photo frame.
Great device!
– Rob Eppink
This is in fact part of a standard facility in a nursing care institution. Let's give this to Hugo de Jong!
Let's give this to Hugo de Jong!
– Rob
Just delivered to my parents and they are very happy with it. As an attachment part of the whatsapp conversation.
"Successful with installing and already received a photo. How nice is this! Nice photo of you too!"
How nice is this!
– Maryse
Bought this for our grandma, very easy to use. Turns itself on in the morning and off at night. Good quality photos. Nice that you can also add photos remotely via the app. Too bad it doesn't work with a battery. Always need cable
Nice and easy, but unfortunately with cord
– Thomas de Boeck
I bought the frame for Father's Day and I really love it! I now have tons of photos of my grandson and often receive new ones! Really good idea! The picture quality on the screen is very good! When the image automatically moves to the next one, it's fun to see what happens and so many memories come back! Don't hesitate to buy this digital frame! You will love it!
Very happy with it so far
– Sara taal
Earlier my sister ordered one for my parents, I ordered one for our grandmother and now one for myself 🙂 So he likes it very much! Thank you!
He likes it very much!
– Patricia Dieleman
Gave this list to my parents as a gift last month and they are very happy with it. Not only nice that I can send them pictures of all kinds of activities of our children, but also the children themselves, who can easily send a photo to grandma via the app and thus be in contact with her. You can connect multiple people to the list, so also my sisters and their families send photos. Works very easily & the photo frame is of good quality. Highly recommended!
The children also send pictures
– Josine
The list of kiki & co is really great ❤️! we are now testing and preparing it in the family, can't wait for christmas and grandma & grandpa will get their hands on it, really nice that you can give different people access via a code so will soon be really as nice as all grandchildren are going to app photos and videos
So much fun!
– Petra vd Velde
I love that I can send photos while the frame is on my daughter's desk and I'm just at home! As the owner of the list, you approve 1x that someone can share and they can then always post photos remotely!
Easy to install and use!
– Lanelle
Easy to install and use!We bought 2, one for each of our parents. My parents were away for a sunny holiday for the winter and I sent it to them. Both families love it. They were easy to set up and use, we sent pictures of our Christmas dinner in real time and my mom kept texting how happy it made her. Now every time we take family photos or have fun experiences, we send photos to their photo frame. They are always happy to come home and see what's new!
Great Christmas Gifts
– John
Very happy with it - this picture frame is perfect for my grandmother who lives in a nursing home - the frame allows us to keep her informed about what is happening with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and she doesn't feel alone.
Perfect for grandparents
– Renee
De waardering van bij WebwinkelKeur Reviews is 9.5/10 gebaseerd op 624 reviews.
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