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Have you also come home from vacation with a phone that is full of the most beautiful photos and the best videos of all your adventures? You have probably already shared some of them on your socials, but what are you going to do with them? Before you know it you don’t look at it anymore. It would be a shame! We have some great tips for you not to lose that summer feeling and to share all your moments of happiness!

We are still enjoying a wonderful summer holiday and we don’t want to lose that relaxed feeling of nothing, everything is allowed and those beautiful summer evenings. We are already homesick for Italian ice cream, the beautiful bays in Greece and Croatia and the family day in an adventure park. Recognizable?

You can keep that warm feeling for a long time by letting your photos of all the beautiful places, delicious meals on the beach and videos of that splashing water slide shine at home in the interactive photo frame from Kiki&Co.
It works quite easily with an app and as soon as you are linked to the photo frame, the sharing can begin. We’ll list the benefits for you.

It is easy to use, with an app

All tidies up!

We take so many photos these days, you often don’t even know what’s on your phone anymore. Therefore, immediately after your holiday, make a selection of your best photos and send them directly from your phone to your Kiki&Co photo frame. This way you look at those nice memories much more often and on a larger image and your phone is also nicely updated!

This is too pretty to keep on your phone!

Make a vacation diary

By arranging your photos and videos in the right order, you can relive the holiday again, like a kind of visual diary. You can write captions via the app that are visible in the Kiki&Co photo frame. It is also very nice to send these memories to, for example, family and friends, so that they too can enjoy all your holiday adventures. In any case, our parents are always very happy to enjoy our adventures ‘live’ via the photo frame. Best gift ever!

Foodie in action

Food inspiration!

Are you also that foody who can’t resist taking pictures of all the special and okay, sometimes less special dishes that you get in front of you on holiday? Same here! There are real culinary works of art in between! So nice to see those photos again and again. So make an overview of all that goodies and put it on your Kiki&Co photo frame. Who knows, it might inspire you to cook that delicious pasta you ate in Rome if you don’t know what to put on the table next.

Reminiscing before going to sleep

A beautiful memory before going to sleep

This is really a brilliant tip: hang a Kiki&Co picture frame in the children’s bedroom. Every night before going to sleep you can reminisce about that super fast slide in the pool or of the nice friends they made at the campsite. Our children have them next to their bed, and they have so much fun with that. It always brings back good memories and it is of course very exciting to see who has sent new photos to your frame!!

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