The holidays are coming! What are you going to gift your loved ones

The holidays are coming, what are you going to give your loved ones for Sinterklaas or Christmas? With a digital photo frame from Kiki&Co we have the solution for you! How do you buy for…

New parents: they want to show the most beautiful child on their digital photo frame.

New parents only think about the baby when you ask them what gift they would like for the holidays! You obviously want to give them something that makes them feel special, but meets their needs. With the Kiki&Co digital photo frame you can! The new parent can enjoy their new baby endlessly on their digital photo frame. That way they never have to miss anything again.

Installing the Kiki&Co frame is so easy; that is so handy now that they have their hands full with the baby! You simply install the app on your phone and you can immediately start sharing on your list. These parents no longer have to worry about ever missing their favorite memories and can make their photos a beautiful centrepiece in the house!

Your loving parents: a digital photo frame for their favorite family memories​

Your parents always say they really don’t want anything this year, but you know they deserve everything and more. Give them the most meaningful gift… endless moments of happiness! Your parents can upload unlimited photos, and you can surprise them with beautiful moments of happiness from yourself or your children! That way they don’t have to do it themselves, and they can enjoy what comes along.

The grandparents:

share your moment of happiness with your dear grandma or grandpa!Your grandparents may often ask you for photos, sometimes because of the physical distance and sometimes because they just want lots of fun photos! With a Kiki&Co digital photo frame you can continue to send them photos effortlessly. An ideal gift! We already know what you’re thinking…”Wow! That sounds like a lot of work for them to install” But don’t worry, Kiki&Co digital photo frames are very easy to install and photos change automatically – grandpa and grandma don’t really have to do anything anymore !

The amateur photographer:

Everyone has a friend or family member who loves photography. Often those photos then remain on a laptop, they make a book out of them or they print 1 or 2 at the most. But how much fun is it for them to let their beautiful photos shine on a digital photo frame? Make this photographer an extra proud photographer with the large 15.6 inch frame from Kiki&Co. This frame is, for example, clearly visible when you hang it on the wall.

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