When a family member gets older or becomes ill

When a family member gets older or becomes ill, memory can deteriorate. So how do you hold memories of your family, friends or important loving moments?

At Kiki&Co we shed a tear at Joyce’s beautiful story. Her father is ill and she bought him an extra large (15.6 inch) digital photo frame for Father’s Day. Very nice, because her father’s sight was also deteriorating. You can read her story below:

“This is such a beautiful present,” is what my father says to me, in a clear moment as we look at the passing photos together.

My father has Alzheimer’s. As the weeks pass, his memory deteriorates. He forgets the language, he forgets where things are, he forgets what he wants to say, not yet but one day he will forget who we are too.

The Kiki&Co photo frame is a Father’s Day gift I gave him.
It is the highlight of his day. My father’s days consist largely of sitting in his chair. My mother has put the frame next to him and in the morning when he gets up he really sits down for it. To be surprised every time, with every photo, who he sees and to enjoy.

When I’m there we’ll watch together. In the beginning I asked him whether he knew who these people were and where this was. That still worked then. Now I notice that it stresses him out. Because it rings a bell somewhere with the photo, but he often can’t find the words and names anymore. Now I sit next to him and tell each photo who it is, where the photo was taken and what was so nice about it. Among all the photos of beautiful trips, family & friends is also a photo of my father and I, three years ago when I got married. Beautiful memories that my father forgets and enjoys every time he hears the stories and sees the pictures.
He’s right, the best gift I could have given him is a Kiki&Co digital photo frame.

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