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Ordered on working days before 23:00, means shipped the same day with PostNL

Yes, after the order has been placed, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

When the order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail with track & trace. Sometimes these e-mails end up in the spam box, so check that first.

Payment is possible via IDEAL, Credit card, Bancontact, Paypal and Sofort Banking.

For Paypal you pay the costs that they charge.

We ship worldwide. However, outside the European Union we do not guarantee delivery time and any import tax. In general, distant orders arrive at their destination in good order.

Yes, that’s possible. If you have a discount code, you can enter it in the shopping cart under all products and apply it to your order. We regularly have great promotions with discount codes. And if you sign up for our newsletter, you get a EUR 5 discount.

The website indicates the current stock, so if you can order, you can also be sure that you will receive the photo frame. When a newer model or new stock is almost available, we will put it on the site and you can often pre-order.


The photo frame plays back photos stored locally on the photo frame. This way, all your photos will remain private. You can send photos with the Frameo app (with caption) or import them with USB or micro SD. The photos are not in the cloud, so you can only delete or hide photos on the photo frame itself.

Export is possible with a USB stick or SD card, formatted in MSFAT and up to 32 GB in size. Make sure they are not ‘locked’, of course.

The photo frame prefers an SD card, so will not read the USB stick if there is also an SD card in it.

There is both a backup function and an export function. Sometimes one works and
the other doesn’t, so try both.

Export is possible with a USB stick or SD card, formatted in MSFAT and up to 32 GB in size. Make sure they are not ‘locked’, of course.

The photo frame prefers an SD card, so will not read the USB stick if there is also an SD card in it.

Via the Frameo app you can of course also send photos to the photo frame, and then with a caption.

If it really doesn’t work, please contact



Yes, otherwise you will not be able to receive photos sent to the photo frame. It is important that there is (almost) continuous WiFi connection. In the unlikely event that you are offline, the app will try a few more times to resend the photo.

The connection does not have to be fast. A telephone hotspot or a weak signal can also be sufficient.

NB. You can turn off the screen (automatically) at night, but the photo frame will remain connected to WiFi. So do not use the off button or the plug, but turn the
photo frame on the night mode (the moon)

Try logging into a different WiFi network. For example, that of the neighbors or of your mobile phone (hotspot). Then you can rule out that it is the network.

If the above does not work, you can send an email to

Check if the photo frame is online. It is necessary to add a friend.

Very occasionally the app crashes. If it doesn’t work at intervals of a few hours, while the photo frame is online, remove the app from your phone. Install the
app again and add the friends again. This does not affect the photos on the photo frame. They just remain where they are.

Check if the photo frame is online. You can send a photo when the photo frame is offline, but it will not leave your phone until the photo frame is online. The app itself tries a number of times.

If the photo frame is online, but in the app it appears to be offline, sometimes it is necessary to reinstall the app and add the photo frame again.
This does not affect the photos on the photo frame. They just reman where they are.

Yes that’s right. You have to become a friend of the photo frame once with a unique code. This code is valid for 12 hours. After that you can send unlimited photos to the photo frame


Setup is not that difficult. It can be done in many languages and the photo frame will guide you through it yourself.

But if you want to do that for someone, you can. You can make the photo frame yourself at home
set it up completely, add friends and put some first photos on it. The receiver then only needs to plug in the photo frame and connect it to his or her own WiFi. It then works automatically.

Yes, it is simple and self-explanatory. The photo frame guides you through the steps necessary to start using the photo frame.

Yes, that’s possible. All they need is the Frameo app and your unique code from the photo frame.


A photo sometimes has a different size than the screen of the photo frame. You can then choose ‘fill screen’. Then the whole screen will be filled, but
some clipping from the photo. Or you choose ‘fit in frame’. Then the entire photo is shown, but the entire screen is not necessary. The photo frame fills the “empty”
portion of the screen with a blurred (‘blurred’) version of the displayed photo so that it appears calm in color.

You can rotate the photo frame to fully display photos in landscape or portrait

Usually there is something wrong with the plug. Therefore, first check whether the cable is properly inserted into the photo frame and whether the plug is properly inserted into the socket. If you have a spare cable, give that a try.

If it doesn’t work, mail to and we will send a new plug. If that does not offer a solution, there is something wrong with the photo frame and we will determine in consultation whether we can exchange it

The software on the photo frame is not installed properly. Send us an email at and we will exchange the photo frame for you.

Via the settings (cogwheel) -> my list, you can check which time zone the photo frame is set to and adjust it if necessary

I did not find my answer in the above questions, What can I do now?

email  your question to us: and we will contact you within 1 working day to answer your question.

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