Share Your Favourite Moments Instantly, Anywhere, Anytime

Kiki&Co Digital Photo Frame

Share photos, videos and a personal message with your loved ones instantly from anywhere at anytime on our Kiki&Co digital photo frame.

With our free app you can upload directly from your smartphone to the Kiki&Co digital photo frame from wherever you may be in the world.

All family members and friends can send their photos and contribute to the photo album on your photo frame.

Photos will instantly appear on the photo frame, sharing your precious moments with your nearest and dearest straight away.

Share your photos from anywhere in the world

Our Kiki&Co digital photo frame has a high quality 10.1-inch HD touchscreen. By connecting to Wifi, it can receive photos and videos from your friends and family from all over the world. The frame can store approximately 10,000 photos and will display all these special moments in a slideshow, bringing happiness to you at all times.


Our Kiki&Co digital photo frame is easy to set up and can be used straight away.  It is extremely user-friendly so it can be enjoyed by the less tech-savvy too! Plug in the photo frame, switch it on, connect to your Wifi and set your preferences intuitively with a few steps on the touchscreen.

As the owner of the photo frame, you decide who can send photographs to your Kiki&Co digital photo frame. You provide them with your unique frame code and within a few clicks they can send their photos directly to your frame for you to enjoy.

Our frame can be wall-mounted or stand-alone with a support stand, both vertically as well as horizontally.

A thoughtful gift

Surprise your family, friends or loved ones with our Kiki&Co digital photo frame. Share pictures of the special moments in your life with the people you care about. The recipient will instantly see your new photos on their photo frame and can read your personal message. Provide a daily moment of happiness in someone’s life by giving a really thoughtful gift. The frame will be delivered in our beautiful gift box.


Key features of the Kiki&Co photo frame

Kiki&Co User-Friendly

Easy to use
Easy to use, even for people that have minimal experience with electronic devices

Kiki&Co Phone

Free app
The Frameo App to share your pictures is free and available both on IOS and Android 

Kiki&Co WiFi

Receive photos over WiFi from all your friends and family 


Photos are saved on the frame. No-one has access to them.

Kiki&Co SD Card

SD card
To make back-up or to import a lot of pictures at once you can use an SD card or a USB stick 

Kiki&Co Text Box

Caption with photo
Send pictures with a short message to make them even more personal

Ready to start sharing your moments on our Kiki&Co Frames?

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